Fanavaran Arvand company (JVC) was established in 2003 in Arvand Free Zone located in Khorramshahr Industrial City. The company aims to produce ethanol from cane molasses. Unit capacity is currently 30,000 liters per day. The company has purchased ethanol production technology from one of the leading European companies and quality products manufactured to the latest world standards. Arvand Fanavaran is the first ethanol fuel producer in Iran, in addition to using Vinas Concentrate technology, it sells fat after compaction.


اتانول سوختی
99.8% Ethanol Fuel: This product is mainly used for car fuel or gasoline additives, but it also has applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
اتانول 96 درصد طبی فناوران اروند
96% Medical Ethanol: This product is marketed for use in pharmaceutical, health, food, chemical and military industries.
ویناس شرکت فناوران اروند
Concentrated Vinas: This product comes from factory effluent and is used to produce animal feed, poultry and manure.
الکل صنعتی
Industrial Ethanol: This product is used as a cleaning solvent and in some chemicals, dyes, rubber, etc.
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